Winter services

Winter services

About this project

Diving Underwater

Sea inflatable boats for underwater charter and hiking throughout the winter.

Diving guided tours of the submerged Bay of Baia, the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf Islands.

Diving underwater weekend, diving and cruise diving.

Archaeological and natural underwater itineraries. Sub courses from the basic level to the instructor level with related patents.

Diving underwater equipment of the best brands. Sale subacaque equipment of the best brands.

Fishing tourism

Excursion boats, with the possibility of performing all types of sport fishing, observation of professional fishing. Catering on board or on the ground. Activities aimed at the knowledge and valorisation of the coastal environment that can serve to bring the public closer to the world of professional fishing.

You can spend a day on board a fishing boat beside the fishermen, know the coast and the secrets of the sea depths, observe and experience the oldest fishing methods, enjoy the genuineness of freshly caught fish and bathe in inaccessible places on the ground.