Special Treatments

Special Treatments

About this project

Internal and external regeneration of inflatables

Treatment of regeneration of rubber tubes with specific biodegradable product technology.

Specific works also with wooden blanket Tek and interior toilet cabin.

Cushion and steel cleaning service.

Smoothing anti-molding and polishing in wax. In the case of badly crafted boats, even from other shipyards, we offer a regeneration service for both internal and external boats.

Special Treatments

Special services of polished polishing, steel treatment and varnishing.

Deck cleaning with underwater technique Special degreasing treatment and sentinel cleaning with biodegradable materials

Conventions for our customers

  • Nautical accessories
  • Insurance policy
  • Transport
  • Achieving nautical and car patents
  • Repair, repair and production of tubular
  • Refurbishment of upholstery
  • Radio equipment, radar antennas and satellites
  • Sunshades