About this project

The mooring area is monitored with CCTV h24 system, with day and night private surveillance.

The mooring is built in compliance with all applicable safety regulations. We provide any kind of assistance for any kind of damage or malfunction to the electrical systems of the boat, or for mechanical or underwater problems.

For any inconvenience, Nautica Calimero has a boat to get you and tow at our base. Every day of the week, 24 hours a day. We provide igloo and ice for boats without electric fridges. We have a gazebo area with wifi area available to customers, where they can relax and have a great coffee or something fresh, greeted by the friendliness of the owner and his staff.

Single dock with free water mirror for boats up to 17mt with suitable berths , Last whitewater at the edge of the sea, columns in a 220V running quay load up to 10 KW Mooring with suitable marine and sophisticated equipment Pet. Moorings also in winter, arm depth num 13.

Mooring suitable and approved for sailboats. Personnel tender to help mooring maneuvers without bow propeller. At the mooring, an ordinary electric installation is carried out, the hull cleaning with underwater technique.

Also, thanks to a deep knowledge of the territory, we are at your disposal to give you all the advice you need to make your vacation even more enjoyable.